I Just Play One on TV

There are some books that take me by surprise. When I started I Just Play One On TV by A.L. Turner, I had no idea what a rollercoaster of emotions I would experience while reading this book. I feel like I have to warn anyone who is thinking of reading this book to make sure you give yourself PLENTY of time to read it, because once you get started, you won't be able to stop it until you finish the very last word.

Sparks fly when Vince and Alex meet auditioning for a Science Fiction television show. They immediately give into the attraction they feel for one another, and neither believe that it will be more than just a one night stand. But, when they're both hired to be in the show they are forced to deal with the attraction and budding feelings for each other in an industry that's unforgiving about homosexuality.

As Vince and Alex fall into a relationship they have many obstacles to overcome. Both men come from different specters when it comes to allowing others into what goes on in their own bedroom. Where Vince is openly out to the cast members, Alex is firmly in the closet, so you can see where both of these men have to really struggle and be determined to have the happy ending they deserve together.

I really loved this book. I adored both of the main heroes and I thought they were both written very realistically and beautifully flawed. They were characters that were easy to identify with and every easy to like. There are many issues and prejudices that they have to deal with. I Just Play One On TV isn't always an easy read, but I really thought it was a great one.

This is the first book I've read by A.L. Turner and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed the easy style of writing this author has and their creative storytelling ability with sympathetic characters really pulled this reader into the world that A.L. Turner created. I Just Play One On TV has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf where I know Vince and Alex will live long within my heart and mind long after I finished the story.

Book Blurb for I Just Play One on TV

After an intense and emotional audition, Vincent Cantivespri impulsively falls into bed with Alex Gallegos… who refuses to even kiss him, and who immediately flees out of Vince’s apartment and back into the closet afterward. Vince barely realized men like Alex actually existed, and he writes the encounter off as a one-time mistake. Then he and Alex end up costars.

Things get complicated as they play a deep, subtextual romantic attraction between their characters on screen and become close friends in real life. When Alex finally admits his attraction to Vince, and his fear of it, Vince becomes determined to fight the forces that are working against them: in Hollywood, in Alex, and in Vince himself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00