Hard as Teak

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Hard as Teak

Hard as Teak is the first book I've read by Margie Church and it definitely won't be my last. As a reader, I appreciated her easy style of writing and ability to immediately capture my attention with her interesting storyline and intriguing characters. Hard as Teak is a book about a man coming to terms with his sexuality and read very realistic to me. This realism also made this book a difficult to read at times because I admit there were moments that the main hero makes some choices that bothered me, BUT because of these decisions the hero read deliciously flawed and very human.

Kevin Marks is a successful photographer who has an amazing girlfriend. He's on top of his game professionally and even though he adores his girlfriend, Kevin can't help but feel that something is missing from his life. Although Kevin has lived as a heterosexual man all of his life and up until lately, he's been successful at fighting his attraction to men until recently. Confused by these feelings, he decides to go to a favorite place from his childhood and try to once again become focused on his photography and hopefully work through his confusing attraction he has towards men. But, when he lays eyes on the very handsome, Teak Hildalgo, it completely throws Kevin's world upside down.

Unlike Kevin, Teak, is very comfortable in his skin. As a bisexual man, he can empathize with Kevin's conflicting feelings toward his sexuality. Teak is truly a wonderful man. He's kind, sexy and his patience with Kevin really made him a very attractive character. I admit that I loved Teak, and in my opinion, it was Teak that made the book a very enjoyable read.

Kevin was a harder character for me to like. As I mentioned earlier, he's definitely very flawed and his journey to self-discovery isn't an easy one. But, as the book progressed, I found myself liking him very much and thought he was well matched for the sexy Teak.

I do think I should point out that this book has some M/F scenes in it. Although it's essential to the plot of the story, this might turn off some die hard M/M readers. Normally, I myself do NOT like M/F scenes with my gay romances, but because of the personal growth that Kevin goes through as the book progresses, in the end these scenes didn't bother me.

I really liked Hard as Teak and I'm looking forward to reading more from Margie Church in the future. She gave me several hours of enjoyable escapism from my everyday life with some interesting and uniquely written characters and Hard as Teak has found its way onto my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Hard as Teak

Kevin Marks escapes to the north woods to reignite his passion for photography and women. But the only flame he seems able to spark is for his latest photography subject, Teak Hildalgo, and Kevin's never been in a man's arms before.

Teak, the raven-haired, photographer's dream come true, is hell bent on capturing Kevin's heart. He takes Kevin, body and soul, on a romantic, sexual journey previously lived only in Kevin's fantasies. And no dream was ever this good, no truth this undeniable.

Will Kevin ever be the same? When the camera's put away, will Teak live up to his name?

Special Content Alert: M/M 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50