Got Men

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Got Men

Conrad Hogan has been down on his luck. As an unemployed construction worker, without any job prospects in sight, he interviews for a slot for a new reality show called Got Men. To his surprise he is asked to be one of the six cast members. Since Conrad is desperate for money, he eagerly accepts the job and foolishly signs on the dotted line without reading the contract. He realizes his error almost immediately when he arrives at the house.   There are strict house rules that he must follow, and there are cameras everywhere giving him NO privacy whatsoever. To make matters worse, the other five cast members are all gorgeous men from different walks of life, and since Conrad is deep in the closet, he knows the next four weeks in the house will be pure misery. Although the other men are not only delicious eye candy, but interesting as well, there is one man that Conrad feels an immediate connection with. 
Sonny Washington has everything going for him and much to lose. He’s a volunteer fire-fighter who is in the middle of working through medical school.  He too, has never been honest with his friends and family about his sexuality. When he realizes that his attraction to the handsome Conrad is mutual, he’s scared and confused. If he acts on these feelings he’ll out himself, and the life he’s worked hard to achieve will be over. But, as both men fight the strong attraction they have for each other, they realize that the other house mates are having issues, too.  
Soon it becomes obvious to all the men that there is an underlying agenda for them to all admit their homosexuality. This is a problem since all six men living in the house are hiding their sexuality from their friends and family. As the days and weeks progress, all men are tempted and are put into situations that make them decide whether to stay in the closet or take a chance on love and be true to themselves.
I really liked the bond that all of the men in the house formed with each other. Even though they had their conflicts and typical reality show house drama, I really enjoyed watching them all develop into stronger men and conquer their demons. It was easy to visualize them keeping in touch, and still being good friends for the rest of their lives long after the cameras stop rolling.
I enjoyed re-visiting with some of the past characters in Ms. Hauser’s other books as well.  Of course, when the stunningly notorious, Mark Richfield, made an appearance in the house, the sexual tension went up about a hundred percent! There were both humorous and heartfelt moments throughout this book, and it had a very interesting storyline that kept my attention from the beginning until the end. 
I admit I did have some issues with Conrad’s thought process at times. I didn’t understand why he continued to hold out and insist to the cameras and the world that he was straight as long as he did. Yes, he and Sonny would try to sneak around, but everyone knew they were together. I thought Conrad was being foolish, especially after the dilemma that Sonny had to come to terms with.
All in all I really loved this book. I hope that Ms. Hauser continues with allowing us readers the opportunity to see these characters again. 
For more information about G.A. Hauser’s other books, she has a free download on her website that explains each character in detail, and what books they appear in. It’s called ‘The Guide to Hauser’s Universe’.  
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Book Blurb for Got Men

# of pages or word count: 196 pages
Heat Rating: 5
In the reality show Got Men? six young men are selected, they assume randomly, for their participation as housemates in an isolated location in Nevada. The purpose of their stay is never revealed to them. Conrad Hogan, an unemployed construction worker begins to suspect what the ultimate goal is of the producers; Derek Dixon, Will Markham, and director Charlotte Deavers. When Conrad realizes that he and his five handsome, single housemates are being set up for a huge fall, Conrad panics and has to make decisions based on what the ubiquitous cameras and microphones will reveal. Among Conrad's housemates are Tony Spagna, the tough New York Harley Rider from the Men in Motion Series, Leather Boys, and Alfonso Garofalo, the striking tennis instructor who was involved in an illicit affair with Senator Kipp Kensington's wife, Louise, in Exposure. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50