Gambling on Love

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Gambling on Love

Gambling on Love by Jane Davitt is going to be a hard book to review. On one hand, Ms. Davitt really has a way of pulling you into the world that she creates for her characters. I've read several books written by her and she never fails as an author to pull me into the storyline and makes me care for the characters she writes about.

Gary and Abe were best friends all through their childhood. They grew up on a small town and both teens were inseparable. The last year of high school they finally give into the attraction and love that they feel for each other. But because they are from a small town and because of their fear of what their families will think, they keep their relationship under wraps. When they are caught kissing on school grounds, Gary flees town and his lover Abe without looking back.

Years later, Gary is grieving over the loss of his older and very wealthy lover, Peter. As part of the will, Gary must drive across the country to fulfill a last minute request from his dead lover. On a whim, Gary decides to drive through his old hometown, but he soon gets caught up in a blizzard and ends up having a fender bender. He's shocked and more than a little dismayed when he sees that the truck that he ran into belongs to his ex-best friend and lover Abe. Because his car is totaled and because the snow is falling harder by the minute, Gary ends up staying with Abe until the snow melts. But, as the two men become reacquainted with one another, feelings that they thought were long gone once again re-surfaces. Will they be able to work through past hurts so they can find a future together?

Although, I did find this book to be interesting and I really liked Abe, there were a few elements to the story I didn't particularly like and unfortunately, I had a hard time liking the main character Gary. I thought he was a cold fish throughout most of the novel. Even Gary himself knows he's being difficult and a jerk to Abe at times. I also honestly didn't understand the dynamics between Gary and his ex-lover Peter. Peter sounded like a selfish jerk most of the time so I wondered WHY Gary really submitted to him like he did. Also, something else I didn't quite understand was even though Gary was extremely submissive to Peter, he's more like a Dom with Abe. Honestly, I never quite grasped the dynamics of Gary's relationship with either man. But, I did like Gary at the beginning of the book, when he was a teen AND towards the end of the book, I began to like him again, but I never really warmed up to him completely.

Abe on the other hand was an interesting character. Even though he's not done a lot with his life, he refuses to be anything but himself and he stands up for what he believes in. I really liked him. I understood why he would have unrequited feelings for Gary, but I honestly thought that these two characters really never developed that deep emotional connection that Ms. Davitt's books have always delivered in the past. By the end of the story, I wasn't sure if these two men really belonged together or not.

Even though I had some difficulty with the chemistry between the main characters, I did enjoy reading how everything turned out. The quest that Gary must go through because of Peter's final wishes in his will was definitely an interesting one. Fans of Ms. Davitt's will enjoy the interesting, fast paced storyline and uniquely written characters.

Book Blurb for Gambling on Love

When Gary and Abe came out to each other in their final year of high school, a longstanding friendship turned into a new love. Keeping their feelings a secret was easy until a coach caught them together in the locker room, and their fragile relationship shattered around them. Panicked, angry, and rejected by his mother, Gary fled town, breaking Abe's eighteen-year-old heart.

Eleven years later Gary returns just as unexpectedly, crashing into Abe's truck during a blizzard. He's as arrogant and stubborn as ever-and just as irresistible. Time has changed them both in ways they never imagined, but the heat that flares between them is enough to thaw any ice.

While Abe discovers what Gary did to survive in the city, Gary realizes that Abe has grown into a man with needs to match his own, and they fall in love all over again. But Gary's determination to carry out one final order from the rich older man he'd lived with-and obeyed-for years means that a dead man's plans might split them apart again ... this time for keeps. "

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 2.75