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Fallon's Jewel

Fallon’s Jewel by Sedonia Guillone may be one of my favorite novels I’ve read by her. Not only was I immediately caught up in the mystery about Kenji’s past; I fell in love with the heroes, Kenji and Jake. The intense emotional connection between them kept me enthralled with the story early on in the book and left me with a very satisfied feeling at the end of it.
Kenji doesn’t know who he is. From the moment he woke up on a strange planet with nothing but a gold statue in his possession, everything that happened before that event in his life is nothing but a blank. Kenji is haunted by this reoccurring dream about being saved by a faceless man, but other than that, Kenji has no idea about the life he led before. He’s taken under the wing of some nice people, and to make ends meet, he takes a job as a bartender at a local dive.
Even though Kenji gets hit on by men all the time, he can’t bring himself to sleep around with just anyone. Even though he has no idea about his past, he feels like he hasn’t been involved in a relationship before, and is determined to wait until he feels something special and have an emotional connection with someone instead of just sleeping around.
Jake Fallon is an Intersteller Patrol cop. His job keeps him busy fighting evil from different universes. Because of this, Jake really hasn’t been able to have many successful relationships, nor has he been able to make a house a home. Instead he lives off a small aircraft alone and this causes him to have a lonely life. When Jake first lays eyes on the mysterious and exotic looking Kenji, he’s immediately smitten with him. There is something about the sweet, sexy, innocent and mysterious Kenji that calls to Jake’s heart. 
As the men just start getting to know each other, Kenji’s life becomes in grave danger. To keep Kenji from harm, Jake whisks him away on his aircraft and both men become determined to solve the mystery of Kenji’s past for they can hopefully have a future together.
Both Kenji and Jake ended up being very fascinating characters. You would think that because of Jake’s job, he would have been some hard-nosed cop who would have been hard to love. Wrong…he was tender, loving and smart and his inner strength and determination to do the right thing made him the perfect man for the sweet and sexy Kenji. I easily rallied behind both men and I rejoiced at the ending they shared at the end of their story.
I admit that Science Fiction based homoerotic romances aren’t usually my favorite books to read, but as usual, Ms. Guillone, swept me away in the love that Kenji and Jake shared between them. Plus, the mystery behind Kenji’s past kept me intrigued throughout the book. Fallon’s Jewel is a very fast paced read and I loved every minute of it!
Fallon’s Jewel by Sedonia Guillone has earned it’s place on my keeper shelf. I know I’ll be rereading this story for many years to come and whether it’s the second time or the twentieth, I have a feeling I will love this book as much as I did the first time I read it.
Ms. Guillone has a very interesting and informative website. Here is the link to it if you are interested:

Book Blurb for Fallon's Jewel

M/M; Sci-fi; Adventure
Length: Novel
Kenji doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, only that he woke up one day, naked and alone on Terran A, possessing nothing in the world but a golden statue. All he knows is his survival, serving drink to roughnecks in Spike’s bar for a living. The one bright spot in his life is Jake Fallon, a cop with Interstellar Patrol. Though Fallon is only another customer, Kenji senses something different about him, something that inspires Kenji to trust Fallon with his body and his life. When Kenji is attacked and pursued by a vicious bounty hunter one night, Fallon also becomes his only hope.
Fallon’s passion for Kenji mixes with his desire to rescue the beautiful man from danger. He’s already more than half in love with Kenji and falling deeper as the bounty hunter’s pursuit takes them from galaxy to galaxy. For the first time since his first partner was killed, Fallon dares to surrender his heart again. However, as their race for survival uncovers Kenji’s true origins, Fallon may have to let Kenji go in order for Kenji to fulfill the very purpose of his existence…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00