Dark Designs

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Dark Designs

First book, Half Lives series

I’ve had to wait a few days before I could write a review for Dark Designs by Luisa Prieto. It has a very intense, graphic and complex storyline that gripped me from the beginning of the book and held me hostage until the end. There were several nail biting and frightening moments in the book that made me fight the urge to get up and turn some lights on in the house.
Kyler Withers left his teaching job in South America to escape a horrifying tragedy that occurred there. He takes a job at a small college in the hopes that he will escape the nightmares that plague him and get his life back to normal. Sorin Prentice is the editor of the college newspaper and a very gifted artist. Neither man realizes the dark past and connection that they have with one another.
Both men are taken by some deadly past life comrades and each are shown glimpses of their past lives and something very sinister called the Darkness. Kyler starts to see that he was a Knight for the Darkness called Etherwolf. Etherwolf makes the worst serial killer look like the Easter Bunny. It’s nothing for him to kill and dismember others. He loves to rape, torture and sacrifice others as a gift to the Darkness. 
They both somehow manage to escape the clutches of evil that have taken them and are trying to escape the images that have been shown to them. Will they both be able to escape the Darkness that is plagued within them?
This book is extremely difficult to review. The complex storyline and intricate details of everything in between can be overwhelming at times. It’s hard to review without spoiling it because there is SO much information given throughout the story. This is a very dark and scary book and will not be for everyone. I know this book is the first in a series, so basically the entire 400 plus pages is world building and getting us prepared for the fight that is to come. I would not category this book as a romance at all. BUT, it is obvious because of the past that Kyler and Sorin have together and the obvious connection between them, there will be a romance between them in future books. 
Although there is a lot going on and information given throughout this book, it is very well written. You would think that between the flashbacks, past and future glimpses and the complex lives of Sorin and Kyler that it would be hard to follow, but it wasn’t. But, by the end of the book there were many unanswered questions and things that need to be resolved, but I have a feeling that the next book in this series will give us the answers we are looking for.
Dark Designs is the first book I’ve read by Luisa Prieto and it won’t be my last. I’m looking forward to the next book in the Half Lives series, BUT I’m definitely going to read it when my husband is home from work! Ms. Prieto has a very interesting website. Here is the link to check it out: http://luisaprieto.com/

Book Blurb for Dark Designs

When an enigmatic tattooed woman approaches freelance journalist Kyler Withers, he begins remembering a past life as a mage. Once known as Etherwolf, he served a sentient evil known as the Darkness.

Horrified, Kyler fights to keep his humanity. Against him are growing memories of the monster he previously was. Aiding him is the love he rediscovers he had for a powerful mage artist named Sorin. If Kyler cannot overcome his past, he's afraid he'll help the Darkness destroy everything, starting with his lover.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75