Cowboy and the Crow

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Cowboy and the Crow

The Cowboy and the Crow by Sedonia Guillone is a hard book to review. As usual, Ms. Guillone writes an emotionally charged, fast paced book that stayed with me long after the story was over. I’m going to have a hard time writing a review that doesn’t spoil this novella for others, so forgive me if my review is shorter than normal.
When Johnny Crowfeather disappeared his lover, Patrick, kept the faith that he would come home soon and everything would return to normal. It’s been hard for Patrick to continue keeping up with the everyday life of a cowboy with his lover gone, but Patrick’s sheer determination and never ending belief that Johnny will return to him, helps him keep going.
Patrick misses Johnny terribly. Even Johnny made the back breaking, boring task of mending fences something that Patrick enjoyed because they would spend quality time together. Now, doing that chore alone, Patrick can’t stop the deep feeling melancholy as he bunks down for the night. 
To his happiness, Patrick is visited by Johnny at his campsite. But, will Patrick still wait for Johnny, and continue to believe in the everlasting love they have found together when he discovers the truth behind Patrick’s disappearance?
Once again Ms. Guillone’s skill at getting me as a reader emotionally involved with both characters in a novella that falls just below 14 pages really amazes me. For a novella, The Cowboy and the Crow read like a much longer book. There is a lot going on within the pages that kept me interested in the storyline. I enjoyed the Native American folklore and traditions that are explored within this story. In many ways, this story was refreshingly creative because I’ve honestly never read anything like it before now.
My only gripe is that it wasn’t longer. There is definitely a happy for now ending, BUT with the optimistic hope that there will be a happy ever after for both Patrick and Johnny. Even though both men will be tested greatly in the future, I have a feeling that their unique and undying love will help them persevere any obstacles that come between them. I really hope that we get to read more about these characters. Both men are very interesting, noble people and I would love to read more about them.
For more information about Sedonia Guillone’s other books and about the author herself; she has a really informative website to enjoy. Here is the link if you are interested:

Book Blurb for Cowboy and the Crow

Tryst (short story)

Cowboy and ranch hand Patrick has been mourning the mysterious disappearance of his lover, Johnny Crowfeather. Every night he looks to the horizon, aching for Crowfeather to return. Which he does, one chilly night, reappearing just as mysteriously to warm Patrick’s bedroll and tell him the wondrous, unbelievable reason he vanished. However, is this passionate reunion the real thing, or just the beginning of the end?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50