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Cover Art

Cover Art is the first story I've read by Caroline Stephens and it won't be my last. I really liked both of the main characters and enjoyed seeing the beginning of a beautiful relationship develop. At just under 40 pages PDF, I thought this story was short, sexy and sweet and my only gripe is I wish the story had been longer.

Nick Driscoll has been the subject of fantasies for shy romance novelist Ryan Michaels so much so, that he's modeled all of his heroes after him. Ryan's even met the sexy and charismatic Nick a few times at the monthly author's get-togethers. Shy Ryan has even decided to attend the meeting this month in hopes to be able to see the man of his dreams once again. When Nick arrives, Ryan is once again struck mute over Nick's sweet nature and gorgeous body. Ryan keeps hoping that this will be the time he's able to get past his shyness and have an actual conversation and possible connection with Nick. But, because of Ryan's introverted nature he knows that the popular and fun-loving Nick would never really notice a nerd like him, right?

I liked this book because I really liked both Ryan and Nick. I thought there was definitely more to them that meet the eye, and I was pleased by the way they really seemed to have the begining of an emotional connection between them. The story is well paced and it has some very sexy moments between Ryan and Nick. I hope that Ms. Stephens will revisit this couple in the future. I would love to see how they mesh their lives together and tackle the stresses of everyday life.

Book Blurb for Cover Art

Shy erotic romance writer Ryan Michaels bases all his hero-characters on Nick Driscoll, the model who graces the covers of his books. After meeting Nick in person at a publisher get-together, Ryan is smitten but convinced that Nick would never be interested in him. Fantasy suddenly meets reality when Nick asks Ryan out for coffee. Can Ryan believe something that feels like a scene from one of his books is really happening to him?

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short story (36 pages 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00