Bollywood Dreams

Bollywood Dreams by Scarlet Blackwell is a fast paced, sexy romp from start to finish. Between her unique and provocatively written the hidden secrets in the supposedly perfect and glamorous life of Bollywood actors, Bollywood Dreams, is an intriguingly erotic story that will satisfy those whom are looking for an erotically H-O-T homoerotic read.

Amar Vartak believes his dream of becoming an up and coming, famous Bollywood actor has come true when he lands a supporting cast member in a big Bollywood movie production. He is also thrilled to learn that he'll be co-staring with Bollywood's most famous actor and heart throb, Rama Kamane. Rama has also been the main star of Amar's fantasies, so with a happy heart and many hopeful and romantic dreams, Amar is more than a little excited when he uproots his life and travels from England to Bollywood.

But, once Amar gets past his initial star struck attitude of being in Bollywood and becoming a Bollywood actor, he realizes that behind all the glitz and glamour, there is a very unglamorous life in Bollywood and many kept secrets that disturb him. To make matters worse, Amar quickly learns that his dream man, Rama, isn't the romantic hero that Amar has been fantasizing about, but a man who has become bitter, and has a bad behind the scenes reputation of being a libertine and being very difficult to work with. But, even though Rama seems to have a heart of ice, Amar still can't help but fall for him, and as the two men work together their chemistry on screen soon becomes a forbidden sizzling affair that could easily bring a career ruining scandal down on the gay-phobic, Bollywood.

I really, really liked this book. I admit that I enjoy Ms. Blackwell's style of writing. I find that her characters are complex and humanly flawed written people that I really enjoy getting to know. This has also been the case in Bollywood Dreams. Although, the plot isn't as dark as some of Ms. Blackwell's previous books, but it's still filled with enough angst and creative storytelling that will leave fans of this author satisfied. The chemistry between Rama and Amar sizzles off the written page and there is no denying the intense attraction that is obviously felt between them.

Even though I enjoyed this book, in some ways it still fell a little flat for me. The hopeless romantic in me would have liked more one on one interaction (outside the bedroom) between Rama and Amar. Rama's reckless behavior and treatment of Amar ticked me off at times, but in the end, I still really ended up liking this couple and enjoying the book overall. Bollywood Dreams would be a great book to any fan of M/M erotic romance to read when you want to warm up on a cold, rainy night. I can't wait to read more of Ms. Blackwell's books and I will continue to actively look for books written by her.

Book Blurb for Bollywood Dreams

In Bollywood, the brightest stars are the ones who need the most care.

Amar Vartak is fresh off the plane from England and on the set of his first Bollywood movie. Rama Kamane is his crush, his hero and the hottest Bollywood star of the moment.

Amar wants him but Rama doesn’t dare go there. He has his reputation to protect and he doesn’t tangle with male actors. He hasn’t bargained on the English boy capturing his heart though...

Reader Advisory: This book contains one scene of ménage a trois and contains scenes of M/M intimacy 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00