Blinded by You

Blinded by You is the first book I’ve read by Penelope Rivers. I always enjoy reading new authors for me, so I was really excited about reading and reviewing this book. I enjoyed the easy style of writing that Ms. Rivers’ has and I thought it was a pretty fast and interesting read.

Evan is a blind man with a determination to live as independently as possible. Realistically, he still needs help so he relies on his assistant to help him run errands and so forth. When the assistant he’s had for years quits, Evan is in need of finding someone else he can rely on. One night, Evan meets with his closest friend and his friend suggests that Evan hire his younger brother, Danny. Even though, Evan has reservations about working with a man who is seven years younger than him, and also has the reputation from his older brother as being difficult at times, for the sake of their friendship, Evan reluctantly agrees to hire Danny.

When Danny arrives to Evan’s house the first day, things go horribly wrong. Danny immediately gets on Evan’s bad side by complaining about just about everything Evan needs him to do, and when he insults Evan’s seeing eye dog, both men argue and Danny walks out leaving Evan once again without an assistant. But, as a few days pass, Danny comes back and asks for a second chance. Despite a bad first impression, Evan gives Danny another chance and then men soon strike up a friendship between them. As time goes by, both Evan and Danny are swept up with the attraction and feelings they have for one another, but will they be able to work through their differences and past hurts to be together forever?

I really liked this book. I admit that Evan was my favorite character. I liked his inner strength and his zest for life. Although he’s scared at times, he puts on a brave face and faces the world every day the best way that he can. No, it’s not always perfect, but I admire his determination and spunky personality. He’s a very likeable hero that I thought was sexy and vulnerable and I found him to be very attractive.

Although I liked the other hero, Danny, there were times I wanted to step into the storyline, pull him aside and tell him to grow up and stop acting like a brat. Despite Danny’s immature behavior at first, his character did start to evolve into a more settled and mature man. I thought he and Evan definitely have a shot of living happily together, but in my opinion, Danny still needs to grow up some. I do wish the author would have taken a little more time and wrote a more solid relationship between them, because the last quarter of the book read a little rushed, but in the end I still enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading more by Penelope Rivers in the future.

Book Blurb for Blinded by You

Evan was born blind. Regardless of that, he's always lived a normal life. There's only one problem: ever since his ex-lover, Mike, told him that being with a blind man is too much work, he hasn't had a long-term relationship. That's when his best friend's little brother, Danny, arrives. He's impulsive, passionate, and loud-mouthed, everything that Evan is not. For the sake of his best friend, Evan must put up with Danny?unless he gets swept up in the passion.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00