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Black Leather Phoenix

Black Leather Phoenix by G.A. Hauser is an intense rollercoaster ride of erotic mystery and suspense. From the first page I knew that this book was going to be different than any other book written by Ms. Hauser. Black Leather Phoenix is one of the darker books I’ve read by Ms. Hauser, but as all the other books that are written by her, the story is still creatively interesting and her heroes are intriguing as well.
Gale Hansen has had a hard life. As a child, his mother was deep into satanic worship and unfortunately for Gale; he soon gets wrapped up into the dark arts of satanic worship and drugs himself. Gale gets so deep into it; he even has a tattoo of a pentagram on his stomach. He unknowingly unleashes evil spirits who continue to watch and haunt him with every move he makes. As Gale gets into his early twenties, he does what he can to make amends for the sins he made in the past. He tries to straighten up his life and quits the drugs and the demons that have been ruling his life for so long.
Because Gale is naïve in many ways, most of the people who surround him and tell him that they are going to protect him, are more hurtful than helpful. Gale’s good looks and surprisingly sweet disposition is attractive to many people who just want to possess him instead of having a healthy relationship with him. Because of this, Gale is a lonely man. When a handsome and much older man, Jonathan Strickland, starts to heavily pursue him after they meet, Gale feels like he is almost at the end of this rope. Even though Jonathan is a married man with two children of his own, he becomes like the others, and just wants to use and possess Gale instead of having a nurturing relationship with him. Instead of feeling safe, being with Jonathan makes Gale feel more used and insecure.
When Jonathan is mysteriously murdered at Gale’s apartment, Gale becomes the prime suspect. As Gale starts to feel like he’s at the end of his rope and there is no hope for him to ever get rid of the demons that haunt him, he meets Jonathan’s son, Jerry, and a surprising kinship starts between them. Jerry has also had to endure a life of having a parent who was into satanic worship and has made huge efforts to flush the evil out of his life and bring light and good back into it. 
The attraction and almost immediate emotional bond between Gale and Jerry soon begins a loving, nurturing and healthy relationship between the two men. For the first time in Gale’s life he has met the one man who loves him for the man he is on the inside and Gale rejoices in feeling loved. But, that love is threatened by Jonathan’s true killer, and the people and demons who still want to possess Gale and drag him back down into the dark arts again. Will the love that Gale and Jerry have between them be enough to fight true evil?
At times this book was difficult for me to read. The horrible way that Gale is treated by others and the things he has to endure bothered me. My heart cried out to Gale and his plight to change his life and to find someone who really loved him for who he is. Gale also makes some foolish mistakes and I wanted him to leave the abusive situation he found himself in with some of his so called friends and Jonathan himself. But, I also understood that Gale has been used and abused all of his life, so in many ways he is a victim. 
It was really nice to see Gale find some inner strength and self worth once he met and started his relationship with Jerry. It was good to see Gale and Jerry to find some happiness with each other. Both men understood each other, and because of their parents lifestyle, they had a lot in common and was able to form an understandable bond and love between them.
I admit that the satanic content and Gale’s downward spiral in the first half of the book bothered me. It was hard for me to watch Gale suffer by the hands of people who supposedly looked out for his best interest. Once he met Jerry, I started to like the book much better. Jerry definitely brought some sunshine into a dark tale. Even though Black Leather Phoenix is not my favorite book written by Ms. Hauser, it was still an interesting and fast paced book. This will be a must read for the many fans of Ms. Hauser and many will enjoy the darker side of her writing.
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Book Blurb for Black Leather Phoenix

Word count: 84,000 | Page count: 285

Even at fifteen years of age Gale Hansen knew when his mother dabbled in devil worship, something very bad was going to happen to him. Without realizing it, Gale’s own practice in dark magic opened doors to the shadow world and he lived his life fighting back the sins of his teens. At twenty he was still struggling, trying to keep away from drugs, getting arrested for his violent temper, and lonely for a true heart that would be the guardian angel he needed to bring him into the light.

Jonathan Strickland, the CEO of a bank in Seattle, noticed the handsome young man during a social gathering at a mutual friend, Muriel Brown’s house. Though Jonathan was married and thirty years older than Gale, he bought the young man’s favors with cold hard cash.

During their brief affair, Gale sensed more demons surrounding him than usual and the fight renewed in him to free himself of the satanic curse he’d been saddled with. Sinking deeper and deeper into a doomed relationship with Jonathan, Gale isn’t getting what he needs emotionally from the older man and soon it becomes obvious it’s about money and what Jonathan can get from Gale physically.

All it took was one fateful evening for Gale’s worst nightmare to come true. He wakes from a deep drug-induced sleep with blood on his hands and his life spins out of control.

Locked up for a crime he did not commit, Gale prays for a strong spirit to beat back the gloom and rid him of the curse his mother had brought upon him so long ago when she unleashed the demons of the underworld. And that guardian angel shows up in the unlikeliest of places. The cemetery.

Can Gale free himself from his past and trust someone enough to let go and fall madly in love? Rise up like the Phoenix from the fiery gates to victory or will the devil himself, take the soul Gale promised him so many years ago?

Sometimes the way to get to heaven is by having to go through hell.


As a special treat to my fans, may I introduce a previously unpublished writer who is making her debut appearance in this novel. I would like you all to meet JC Szot. Enjoy her short story, Breaking Chains. 

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