Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds by Liz Andrews is a sweet and very sexy romance. I admit that I’m a sucker for the best-friends-to-lovers romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the main characters give into their feelings for one another as the story progressed. Ms. Andrews delivered a fun and flirty story that kept my interest from the very first sentence until the last word with her very likeable heroes and fast paced storyline.

Chase Randolph is tired to denying his attraction to men…especially his attraction and deep feelings to his roommate and best friend, Alex. Unfortunately for Chase, he knows that his best friend Alex is very straight, so Chase takes it upon himself to go to a gay bar for the first time. Alone. Chase is ready to explore his homosexual feelings, so when he meets an interesting and sexy man there, Chase decides to take the man back to his shared apartment with him to do some experimenting for the first time, but when Alex unexpectedly walks in and catches Chase with another man, he’s both surprised, intrigued and upset seeing Chase with another man. Afterwards, Alex begins to fantasize being with Chase sexually and begins to realize that his feelings toward Chase is much deeper than just friendship, and as he comes to terms that Chase is the man he wants in his life, will it be too late?

I really liked this book. Both heroes are interesting and easy to like. I enjoyed the camaraderie between them and the attraction they feel towards each other practically sizzled off the written page. Even the secondary characters were interesting in their own right. In truth, I was disappointed when the book ended, because I would have enjoyed reading more about the characters and the world that, Ms. Andrews created. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Andrews work and definitely will be looking for more books by her in the future.

Book Blurb for Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes you just have to come right out and ask the question.

After months of exploring his bisexuality on his own, college student Chase Randolph is ready for a night out on the town-all the way "out". He never expected Alex Landry to witness his first experimental sexual encounter, though. Chase has been attracted to his best friend and roommate forever, but one thing is sure: Alex is straight. So straight, he's never caught on to Chase's mixed tastes.

Alex assures Chase they will always be friends, but privately, his own reaction shocks him. An ex-jock isn't supposed to fantasize about his roommate. Not supposed to need another man's kiss so badly it makes him sweat. He was prepared to change direction after his football career ended before it began, but change this drastically?

As Chase and Alex struggle to come to terms with the changes in their relationship, jealousy pushes friendship to the brink-of disaster.or love.

Warning: No heaving bosoms here, just two gorgeous guys, lots of muscles and some closet doors banging wide open.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25