Bending The Rules

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Bending The Rules

Bending the Rules by Jack Greene is a short novella set at the beginning of a budding relationship. At 25 pages long, it’s short, sweet and very sexy.
Zach is a popular personal trainer at the local gym. He’s gorgeous, muscular and is admired by both women and men. Although Zach considers himself bisexual, he’s dated more women than men. He likes men, but has never really met one that knocked his socks off…until he met Kieran.
Kieran can’t believe his good luck. Not only is it his first day as a yoga instructor, but the hottest man he’s ever laid eyes on is checking him out. Kieran knows only certain types of men find his willowy form, long dark hair and perfectly applied eyeliner attractive. To his utter shock and delight, the very masculine and handsome Zach seems to be one of them.
They spend the rest of the day being flirtatious with each other. Zach wants to spend more time with the pretty man, so he asks him on a date. They go out to a nice restaurant, and then go dancing at the local club. When the sexual tension becomes too great, they end back at Zach’s house for a little midnight rendezvous. 
Bending the Rules was a very fun and fast read. Even though it has more of a Happy for Now ending, it’s apparent that both men have started to connect with one another in an emotional way, too. It’s easy to assume that this is the beginning of a relationship between them.
I love Jack’s style of writing. It’s fast-paced, easy and flirty. The romantic in me appreciates that Jack's heroes fall in lust/love with each other pretty quickly. It's perfect when I need just a fun, sexy read without a lot of angst.

Book Blurb for Bending The Rules

# of pages or word count: 25 pages

Genre: Contemporary M/M erotic romance

Heat rating: 3 Novas

The women at Zach's gym drool over his bulging muscles and defined body, but Zach only has eyes for the new yoga instructor - Kieran. Slim, charming, and oh so flexible, Kieran normally doesn't go for the sexually ambiguous type, but one look at Zach and he's ready for some one on one training.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75