Being Screwed

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Being Screwed

Action Series, #7

Being Screwed by G.A. Hauser is a rip-roaring, fun filled book from start to finish. As usual, Mark Antonious Richfield kept me glued to the book from start to finish. Not only does Mark seem to get sexier with every story he’s in, Mark and his family’s antics is a fun and sexy romp that keeps fans of Ms. Hauser’s crying out for more.
Mark Richfield thinks he is having some major crisis in his life. He’s about to turn forty and in the mist of that glorious hair…he’s found a grey one, he’s worried that his contract with the cologne company he models for is about to drop him and Mark’s son, Alexander, is starting to get noticed by the big wigs in Hollywood. But, luckily for Mark, he has some wonderful people who love him and look out for him and want nothing but his happiness. Will Mark be able to get through all the trials that are thrown at him and be able to come out a stronger, happier person than he’s ever been?
Those who follow the ‘Action’ series will not be disappointed with this book. There is something about Ms. Hauser’s characters that really makes me feel involved in their lives. They are all intelligent, caring, sexy and handsome men that are all extremely addictive to read about. The story itself is a very fast paced and sexy read that kept me captivated with the lives of Mark and his posse. Now, not only am I totally infatuated with Mark, I’m head over heels about his son, Alexander, too! I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment in the ‘Action’ series and I’m anxious to see what will happen next with all of these wonderful characters.
Being Screwed probably could be read as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend you read the entire series so you can truly understand the dynamic and amazing relationships these characters have together. Here they are in series order: Acting Naughty, Playing Dirty, Getting it in the End, Behaving Badly, Dripping Hot, Packing Heat and Being Screwed. There are also three books that I highly recommend you read Capital Games, When Adam Met Jack and Love me Loveday.  These are the first books that truly explain how the main characters got together and fell in love.
Ms. Hauser also has a very informative website that explains all about her book and how all of her characters really intertwine with one another. Here is the link if you are interested:

Book Blurb for Being Screwed

In Book 7 of the Action! Series the tale comes full circle, back to the first novel, Acting Naughty and the dilemma of the lead characters Keith O'Leary and Carl Bronson on whether it is prudent for an up and coming actor to expose their sexuality to the public.

Mark Antonious Richfield is turning the dreaded 4-0 and is going out of his mind, as usual, with hitting a milestone he assumed he'd never admit to hitting.

Steven Jay Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, is doing all he can to get Mark and Alex through their personal crisis, but other than being supportive, Steve can't do a thing to prevent the life changing decisions both Mark and Alex are destined to make.

Having to prove he is still young and vital, Mark reunites with the mega-stars of Forever Young, Keith and Carl, in a television episode that becomes unforgettable as Mark and the two celebrities get naughty again, much to the producers' and director's delight.

Alexander Mark Lehman-Richfield is twenty-one, in college and still seeing Oliver Loveday loyally. To everyone's astonishment (and fear), Alex gets his big break in Hollywood as the number one star of his own racy cable TV drama, Being Screwed. And though Adam Lewis, Alex's agent and close friend begs Alex to deny his sexual preference in public, like he had done with Keith and Carl, Alexander is too outspoken to even consider hiding in the closet. But is the world ready? Or is being an out' gay actor in Hollywood still a deterrent for men to get leading roles in blockbuster movies?

Revisit with all your favorite men, Jack Larson, Adam Lewis, the cops from Top Men, Mickey and Jeff, as well as many others you have grown to know and love from Hauser's Erotic Universe.

And learn how Being Screwed, is not necessarily a bad thing...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00