Aki's Love Song

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Aki's Love Song

Aki’s Love Song is a novella written by Sedonia Guillone. I confess, I’ve never read a short story written by her before, so I admit I was curious if I would become as emotionally involved between her characters with such a short storyline like I normally do with her longer novels. After I read it, I decided that Ms. Guillone is not only fantastic at writing long novels, but short stories as well. 
It was practically love at first sight when Tamotsu first laid eyes on Aki. They were both freshmen in high school and even though they became instant best friends, Tamotsu has always kept his love for his friend a secret. Throughout the years, Tamotsu has watched Aki change from a sweet and talented musician to a rebellious rock star, and thanks for Aki’s persistence, Tamotsu not only manages Aki’s band, but remains his best friend as well.
Tamotsu has watched Aki go through a score of lovers and even though this saddens him, he happily clings to the fact that Aki comes to him when he needs a friend, to relax or to feel safe. When Aki sings a new ballad about unrequited love at a concert, Tamotsu is concerned. Not only does he think that Aki has been hiding this great love from him, but he may somehow lose Aki, too.
Aki is tired of hiding his feelings for Tamotsu. Tamotsu is the one person who truly knows and appreciates the real Aki for who he is on the inside. He’s ready to tell his best friend he loves him and wants to be with him forever, but will Tamotsu be able to accept his true feelings for him?
I loved this book! BUT…UGH… I hated for it to end! Although Aki’s Love Song was wonderful, I really hate that this wasn’t one of Sedonia’s longer novels. Both Aki and Tamotsu were fabulous heroes and I loved the history and the deep bond they had between them. This novella satisfied all of my cravings for a quick romance!  The chemistry  between the heroes was fabulous.  The love Aki and Tamotsu shared between them was really incredible, and I'm  happy they decided to not waste anymore time by not being together...Plus, sex was super hot!
As you can tell,  I thoroughly enjoyed the small glimpse I got to read in their amazing lives and I pine to read more about them.
If you would like to read more about this book and Sedonia Guillone’s other books, she has a very informative and interesting website.  Here is the link if you are interested: http://www.sedoniaguillone.com

Book Blurb for Aki's Love Song

Genre: M/M; LGBT; Contemporary
Length: Short Story – Tryst
Since high school, Tamotsu has watched his best friend Aki grow from a rebellious but musically talented teenager to one of the most popular music artists in Japan. Though he’s been secretly in love with Aki for years, enduring the endless string of admirers Aki takes for lovers, Tamotsu suffers silently because he knows deep down that he is really the one person in the world Aki turns to for true friendship and solace.
But when Aki unveils an unknown and haunting love song he’s composed in secret during a concert, Tamotsu fears that Aki has finally found someone he can have a lasting relationship with. Only such a deep, abiding passion could inspire a song that beautiful.
Is Aki really saying good bye to him in the only way he can, through his music? Or is Aki telling Tamotsu something else?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75