A Sticky End

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A Sticky End

A Mitch Mitchell Mystery

A Sticky End by James Lear is a deliciously, erotic story that many people will find to be a very enjoyable read.  A Sticky End was a delightful end to a very naughty and fun whodunit series.
It’s been months since Edward “Mitch” Mitchell has seen his longtime friend, sidekick and on again off again lover, Harry “Boy” Morgan. Mitch is very excited to see his Boy, and has plans to spend the next few days in bed with his friend. To Mitch’s utter shock and dismay, when he arrives at Boy’s house, Morgan is distraught and very upset. 
Apparently, Morgan had been entertaining a longtime friend and lover, Frank Bartlett. Later that night, Morgan had waited for Frank to finish cleaning himself up in the bathroom, but being tired he fell asleep. When he awoke he discovered Frank in the bathroom with his wrists slashed in what looks like an apparent suicide.
But, under the police investigation, some things aren’t adding up and Morgan is under a huge wave of suspicion, and is the prime suspect of possibly murdering Frank. Not long after Morgan tells Mitch about what had happened, he is then taken into custody for more questioning. Mitch tells himself that he does not believe his friend could be involved in Frank’s untimely death.
Mitch is determined to find the truth behind Frank’s demise and clear Morgan’s name, regardless of what he must do or seduce to bring the true killer to justice.
If you are looking for a sex-filled and fun mystery to read, A Sticky End will definitely be the book for you. If you are looking for sweet romance, this book is NOT for you. Mitch is a very likeable man, but he’s a tramp in every sense of the word. He’s very self assured and self confident about his abilities to find out the truth, no matter what he has to do and whoever he has to sleep with to do it. Mitch has sex with everyone from police officers to suspects. He does everything in this book from group sex to water sports.  If it can be done, and if Mitch can get the truth by experiencing as much pleasure as possible, Mitch will do it.
Even though this book and it’s scandalous content will not be for everyone, I will say that even though Mitch is a rather naughty boy, I really liked him. His determination to help his friend and his zest for life is very addictive to read. I enjoyed this book because I went into it knowing I was in for some hot gay erotica and a fun mystery to solve. 
A Sticky End is the third book in the Mitch Mitchell series. I’ve read all three books and I do not think that it is necessary to read the previous two, The Back Passage and the Secret Tunnel, to be able to understand the characters and follow along with the plot. I do recommend that if you haven’t read the first two books, to go ahead and indulge yourself and read them if you’re in the mood for a delightfully, wicked good time with the very sexy and rather naughty Mitch.

Book Blurb for A Sticky End

A Sticky End to a Hit Murder Mystery Triology
Best friends and sometimes lovers Edward “Mitch” Mitchell and Harry "Boy" Morgan have been in terrible jams before—their adventures of murder, mystery, and unstoppable sex have made The Back Passage and The Secret Tunnel international bestellers. In A Sticky End, Mitch must face the possibility that his chum is involved in the chain of events that led to the suicide of Boy's own colleague and secret paramour, Frank Bartlett. To absolve Boy, Mitch races around London finding clues while bedding the many men eager to lend a hand—or more. As Mitch says himself, "Holmes has his fiddle, Poirot has his liqueurs—I have cock. We all have our methods." The policemen, working class gigolos, steam room bathers, embezzlers and blackmailers that Mitch comes across create a tasty mystery and satisfying erotic romp.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50