A Fool for You

Book three in the Icon Men series.

A Fool For You by Cat Grant is the third installment in the Icon men series. As usual Ms. Grant is able to get to the heart of her characters and write a very sexy, fast-paced story that was an extremely satisfying read. Like the two previous books in the series, I read this one from cover to cover without stopping and enjoyed every minute of it.

Brian Barclay knows he's made a mistake. As a struggling musician, he's allowed his boyfriend and fellow band member, Kit, to talk him into making a move from out the country to New York. Lately, he's been disappointed by Kit's careless ways and secretly knows that their relationship is falling apart. One night at a local nightclub listens and becomes immediately captivated by a stunning blues guitarist named Chase Aubrey. Brian meets Chase and they quickly form a fast friendship and Brian really holds dear.

Chase soon becomes someone that Brian can confide and be himself around, plus their mutual love of music and playing music adds to their attraction and friendship. When Brian catches his boyfriend Kit, kissing another man his whole world falls apart. Kit has stolen the music Brian wrote and he soon finds himself staying with his estranged father and his partner. The only person Brian believes that understands and accepts him is Chase, and as they soon become lovers, Brian soon sees that he still has a lot to learn about life and love.

I loved loved loved this book! For one thing, Chase is simply adorable. He's smart, talented, and sexy and knows how to be a true friend and supportive lover. He was a perfect match for Brian. Brian himself, goes through a lot of personal growth and quite frankly, maturing as the novel progresses. I appreciated how Brian's viewpoint and bitterness toward his father and lover changes into a deeper understanding about their relationship and I LOVED how he came to respect, love and find a friend in both of them.

Another great thing about this book is since it is the third book in the Icon series, previous characters are revisited and we get to see how their lives progresses. A Fool For You could easily be read as a stand-alone book, but I highly recommend reading the series in order because all of the characters and their stories are truly amazing.

The Icon books in series order are: The First Real Thing, Appearing Nightly and A Fool For You.

Book Blurb for A Fool for You

Sexy Chase Aubrey plays blues guitar like nobody’s business. One look at him performing at a New York nightclub, and twenty-year-old keyboard player Brian Barclay’s smitten.

However, Brian remains true to his boyfriend Kit—until Kit cheats on him and steals all the songs they’ve written together. With nowhere else to go, Brian turns to his estranged father, Trevor, and Trevor’s partner, Cameron. But even Cameron can’t smooth over the tension between father and son.

Brian’s in need of a friend, and Chase fills the role nicely—and quickly heats up the sheets with him as well. The passion between them is mind-blowing, until Brian discovers Chase’s secret past. A past he’s run from for years. And when the past threatens the present, Brian can’t help wondering if the love of his life has played him for a fool.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00