Winter Rose

Rose and Becca have been abandoned by their father. Their mother is in poor health and getting sicker every day. The snow is piling high on the ground and they are running out of food. When desperate measures have to be taken to ensure the care of their family, the two sisters must band together to protect each other from the darkness and chill of winter. Becca the older sister takes on the role of taking care of Rose and their sick mother, going through any means necessary to ensure food in their bellies. Rose stands on the sideline watching the depths of madness that her sister is spiraling into. With every passing day Rose’s heart seems to freeze up like the ice on the ground, leaving her hard hearted and cruel.

This short novella was a haunting portrait of harsh times. The story tended to be very dark and gritty. There was a constant battle between innocence of girls and the evil of men. I felt for the sisters, which is hard to accomplish with a shorter story. The author really bought you into the world and spun the story with raw emotion. I would recommend this story to just about anyone looking for a good short read. It was only 56 pages long, but it has left me thinking about the story and dwelling on the characters much longer.

Book Blurb for Winter Rose

A dark and haunting tale of a young girl trapped in Winter, longing to be free. When Rose and her sister are left to fend for themselves and an ailing mother, they must fight both nature and the darkness of the soul to survive.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00