The Devil in Midwinter

With a cover as breathtakingly beautiful and a tagline as intriguing, who wouldn't want to pick up this book and see what secrets lie behind the pages? Esmeralda Ulloa is a reporter for a small town newspaper in Mattawa Washington and the adopted daughter of a great apple maker. But as she gets closer to her 21st birthday, things seem to get a little weirder around her. She dreams of a beautiful boy who she sees pictures of in town. A new wine maker is putting the moves on her and makes her feel odd when she is around him. People are being murdered around the town and Esme might be the only one that can save them all.

I really enjoyed this novella, which comes in just short of 150 pages. The characters felt very vibrant and it was easy to picture the story as it went along. There were some twists and turns and surprises. I loved that the author added Mexican myths and legends as well to add extra layers to this story. My only complaint? It was too short. I wanted more! I definitely recommend this quick but delicious read to anyone who likes a little paranormal stuff and mild steam to their stories. Great book, I look forward to reading more from this author.

Book Blurb for The Devil in Midwinter

A handsome stranger, a terrifying monster, a boy who burns and burns...

Mattawa, Washington, is usually a sleepy orchard town come December, until a murder, sightings of a fantastic beast, and the arrival of a handsome new vintner in town kindle twenty-year-old reporter Esme Ulloa’s curiosity—and maybe her passion as well. But the more she untangles the mystery, the more the world Esme knows unspools, until she finds herself navigating a place she thought existed only in storybooks, where dreams come alive, monsters walk the earth and magic is real. When tragedy strikes close to home, Esme finds she must strike back, matching wits with an ancient demon in a deadly game, where everything she values stands to be lost, including the love of her life.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50