Scarlet Devices

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Scarlet Devices

Steam and Seduction, #2

Eliza Hardison, the cousin of former hero Dexter Hardison (Gossamer Wing) sees the happiness that Dexter and Charlotte have found. Being married on a whim and ending up happy in love with a baby on the way. Eliza wonders if that life is really for her, she prefers workshops and tools to men. When her cousin Dexter talks her into entering the great Sky and Steam Rally, she is reluctant to accept, that is until she finds out that her childhood friend and current rival Matthew Pence will be entering as well.

Matthew remembers the weed like frame of Eliza as she was growing up, but upon seeing her again, all he can focus on is the soft curves and the beauty of her pale skin and dark hair. He hates to upset Dexter by telling him that he is branching away from being his protégé and into a business of his own. Instead of anger from Dexter, he finds an odd amusement in the fact that now Eliza will have someone out on the rally to watch out for her. Both Eliza and Matthew are rallying to win it all, but will they end up winning the race or each other’s hearts?

This is the second book in the Steam and Seduction series by Delphine Dryden. I really enjoyed the fact that it had a few moments with the previous characters so I could see how their happily ever after ended up, before starting with Eliza and Matthew. I will admit that I enjoyed the second book much more than the first, the Sky and Steam Rally was constant fun and mystery as Matthew notices foul play with a few of the other racers. I loved Eliza, as she was very headstrong and resisting the advances of Matthew until one evening when he goes to her to confess that he is very fond of her. Except instead of telling her, their chemistry and hormones take over as Matthew kisses her with a hunger he didn’t know that he possessed. This book does not have any lack of steamy goodness and hot seduction. This is a definite must read for anyone that loves a good race, the steampunk genre or just looking for something different and new to read. You do not need to read the first to enjoy the second!

Book Blurb for Scarlet Devices



Fresh from university, Eliza Hardison is determined to crusade for workers’ rights until her cousin Dexter, the Makesmith Baron, prevails on her to represent Hardison House in the American Dominion Sky and Steam Rally.

The competition is fierce, but only one opponent really matters to Eliza. Dexter’s protégé, Matthew Pence, was always like a big brother to her. But now she’s grown up, and Matthew has made a break from Hardison House with his own business venture?and made his own entry in the rally.

Matthew intends to win while keeping Eliza safe on the perilous route from New York to San Francisco. As the threats escalate through treacherous skies and uncharted American wilds, though, Eliza and Matthew must work together, discovering a bond deeper than either could have imagined?but is winning the rally more important than winning at love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00