Perfect Timing

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Perfect Timing

Hearing devastating news that the radio station she runs has decided to make an impossible change or shut down, Isabel Lang finds herself in chaos trying to remedy the situation. Between a rock and a hard place, Isabel realizes that she must make a phone call and invite Aiden Royce back into her life temporarily to help fix it. Aiden Royce is a rock star and also her secret childhood friend. When Isabel was uprooted from New Jersey and placed down in Alabama with her mother, she had a hard time making new friends. Isabel found comfort in an old abandoned farmhouse. Aiden was young, misunderstood and angry from the abandonment of his father. One fateful day the two met at the farmhouse and an unlikely friendship bloomed.

Through high school Aiden and Isabel became inseparable. Isabel rolled her eyes as Aiden went through girl after girl, charming them and then dumping them within a weeks’ time. Isabel promised herself that she would always remain friends, and never put herself in a situation to become just another one of Aiden’s tossed to the side girls. Aiden relying on Isabel to listen and fully understand him, grew closer to her. The girls he dated were just time passing by, but in Isabel he found his home. When harsh circumstances arise, Aiden saves Isabel’s life and they skip town together.

For the past seven years, Isabel has fought to forget and move on from Aiden. Will she be able to face him one last time or will the memories undo her?

I loved Isabel, she was always in control and did her best to roll with the punches life gave her. She had a protective edge and a kind heart. Her relationship with Aiden was electric. I haven’t been this obsessed with a story and how it ended in a very long time. The first half of the book is mostly flashbacks that are seamlessly woven in, telling the story of how Aiden and Isabel met and ending after a long string of crazy heartbreaking events. I have to admit that the middle 60 pages were the hardest for me. I was counting the words until Aiden and Isabel were reunited. The story was excellent, but I needed to see them interacting together again. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that I found the ending to be beautiful and well tied up. I got enough closure to trust in the magic of the story.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone that loves a good romantic story. There are laughs, sweet romantic moments, some heartbreaking moments and enough love to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night. Pick this up and read it!

Book Blurb for Perfect Timing

There’s rock, there’s a hard place, then there’s Aidan & Isabel.

What’s a Jersey Girl to do when she moves to Catswallow, Alabama? Isabel Lang finds the answer in an unlikely bond with the musically gifted Aidan Roycroft. The two share everything from a first kiss to startling family secrets. But when Aidan is accused of a violent crime, the two flee to Las Vegas where Isabel’s future comes tumbling down.

Seven years later, the past is buried, including any relationship with Aidan. Isabel is busy running a radio station and closing in on commitment with Nate Potter, a guy who defines ideal. Life seems cozy until new station management demands a sudden-death ratings grabber, putting everyone’s future on the line. What should be a simple solution leads to a stunning revelation as Isabel is forced to call on the past and the only rock star she knows.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50