Not Without You

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Not Without You

Sophie Leigh is a famous actress in modern day Hollywood. Eve Noel is her idol, a talented actress from the sixties who mysteriously disappeared years ago. As Sophie’s Hollywood life starts to get stuck in a rut, Sophie turns to Eve’s story and tries to figure out what really happened to her all those years ago. This story told in duel narrative from both Sophie and Eve’s point of view is a hauntingly beautiful tale of love, loss and the tribulations of a famous actress in the spotlight.

I requested this book because it looked interesting and because over the past year I bought a couple of Harriet Evans books. They haven’t been read yet and this one seemed like a good book to start with. Let me just say, those books that have sat on my shelf for a year are now on my nightstand with a bookmark ready. This story was incredible to say the least.

Sophie is the epitome of most mid-twenties Hollywood stars. I didn’t have a real picture of any famous actress when I was reading, but instead I was Sophie as her own person among the stars I know today. Her character was bright, bold and not afraid to say what she really thought. Eve on the other hand was a mild mannered lady. I loved reading her dialogue in the old Hollywood tongue. She was a brave girl as well, but instead of standing against what she didn’t believe in, Eve got swept up in everything that she shouldn’t have.

The story flows well, I read it over the course of a few days, which I preferred, because I had time to let the story mull around in my head as I pondered what had happened to Eve Noel, and why did she just disappear. Her story haunted me, like it did Sophie. Even now after I am done reading, I still am thinking about Eve and Sophie’s story. Decades apart, they were still intertwined.

I honestly cannot think of anything negative at all to say about the story. It ended right where it should have, anything more would have been too much. The plot was riveting with mystery, romance and a crazed stalker. I am counting down the days until I can pick it up and reread it. Don’t miss out on this wonderful gem of a novel. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

Book Blurb for Not Without You


Sophie Leigh’s real name is Sophie Sykes. But she hasn’t been called that for years, not since she became an A-list movie star. Living in Los Angeles, she can forget all about the life she left behind in England. But she’s lost something of herself in the process, too.

Glamorous 1950s starlet Eve Noel had none of Sophie’s modern self-confidence. She didn’t choose her name. A Hollywood producer did. In fact, he made all her decisions—what to wear, when to smile, who to love. Right up until the day she simply vanished from the spotlight. No one knows where she went, or why.

As Sophie’s perfect-on-the-outside world begins to crumble, her present col­lides with Eve’s past. She must unravel the mystery around her idol’s disappear­ance before it’s too late for them both.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00