17 & Gone

17 & Gone will pick you up by your toes and never let go. From the beginning I never knew what to believe and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering where this intense story would take me.

Lauren has started seeing visions of missing teenage girls. These visions are scary and quickly take over her world. Lauren knows that these girls are trying to tell her something, but with no help from anyone Lauren is left wondering why they have picked her to help them.

This story is creeptastic at its best and the writing is flawless. I found myself totally immersed into Lauren's life and I felt like everything that was happening to Lauren was happening to myself. The ending will totally blow you away and I am definitely going to keep a look out for this author’s future works.

Book Blurb for 17 & Gone

Seventeen-year-old Lauren is having visions of girls who have gone missing. And all these girls have just one thing in common—they are 17 and gone without a trace. As Lauren struggles to shake these waking nightmares, impossible questions demand urgent answers: Why are the girls speaking to Lauren? How can she help them? And . . . is she next? As Lauren searches for clues, everything begins to unravel, and when a brush with death lands her in the hospital, a shocking truth emerges, changing everything.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00