Wishing You Were Here

Soul Mates, #1

Wishing You Were Here is one wonderful read! I love time travel books and this one was a very fast read! The flow was a little off in places, thought after a while you get used to it and things pan out fine. Wishing You Were Here will leave you twisted in a good way. You will be craving the next book and will not be able to wait for it! 5 Stunning Stars!

Book Blurb for Wishing You Were Here

She's out of place.

He's out of time.

In 1956, Joey Tempo was the biggest sensation to hit Memphis since Elvis Presley. Within twelve months he was gone--killed in a transatlantic plane crash.

Half a century later, Callie Reinard is headed for college and her dream career in radio broadcasting. When she discovers Joey’s iconic first album, she’s mysteriously drawn to his tragic story. A profound desire to change his fate invokes a mystical force that sends her back to 1957 to “make things right.”

What Callie doesn’t expect is her meddling to make everything worse…much worse. Joey may be glad to be alive, but not everyone welcomes her presence. Especially not Joey’s glamorous fiancée, who has her own plans for his future.

Every second Callie spends in the past she’s altering much more than Joey’s fate. She’s changing the lives of everyone around her. And she’s growing closer to Joey by the minute.

If Callie can’t find a way back to her own time soon, she may lose more than a college education and the career she’s always wanted. She may lose her heart to a boy she can’t have.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00