Twenty-One Heroes

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Twenty-One Heroes

Twenty-One Heroes is a pretty fast read. It’s a great book for teens to get interested in the Revolutionary War time period. Reading this made me want to look up a ton of stuff that was in this book, especially Dr. Joseph Warren.

The characters were pretty solid and the story itself was an easy read. I hope to get more about these characters in future book. I would love to see where everyone is as time progresses.

Book Blurb for Twenty-One Heroes

Liberty is a seductive principle for young Revolutionary Americans.

Inspired by the 21 graves of soldiers who died at the Continental Army’s encampment along the Delaware River, author Sam A. Forman pays tribute to these anonymous young heroes by capturing the essence of their experiences during the Revolutionary War. The formative trials of America are mirrored in the personal choices of the three main characters. Outspoken Katherine supports the patriot cause with conviction, intelligence, and poise, inspiring the respect of many and the affections of two college students—Ezra and Joshua. While fighting, disease, and unrest surround them, these young people suffer the additional pains of heartache and the longing of true love. Combining historical facts with modern sensibilities, Forman creates an engaging tale of adventure and romance.

Ages 12-17; Grades 7-12

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00