This Is a Serious Book

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This Is a Serious Book

This book is a not so serious book trying to be serious. The narrator is trying to get the animals in the book to be serious, but they fail so good! This book is full of colorful pictures and laugh out loud commentary. It was very fun to read together with Awesome Annie and its one we will enjoy for years to come. Annie is excited to be able to get to read this on her own soon.

Awesome Annie says that this book is good for kids that are six and under as well as parents who can read it with their kids. She says that this is OK for parents to read because it is funny!

You can see Awesome Annie's Video Review of this book on YouTube.

Book Blurb for This Is a Serious Book

This is a very serious book. Nothing silly is allowed. There are no funny faces, no clowns, and definitely no shenanigans. A serious book is always respectful, and, of course, is always in black and white. But wait! Who’s this? Zebra might be black and white, but he is NOT serious. And he and his friends are ruining the book with their antics, parades, and parties!

This funny and irreverent book that pits its narrator against its characters in a hilarious way invites reader participation and encourages kids to think about writing their own books and stories—just as donkey does here in the end. A joyful page-turner of a book that celebrates writing and creativity and will appeal to fans of The Book With No Pictures.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00