The Wishing Hill

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The Wishing Hill

I tried so hard to love The Wishing Hill! I’m someone someone who has been divorced but still found the strength to follow my dreams. I thought this book would be a good read for me. But unfortunately I only made it to page 116 before I had to put it down. There really isn’t anything wrong with the book, other than the pacing. It was very slow going and that pace didn’t get any faster. When I started catching myself falling asleep I really had to put it down and start reading something else.

Book Blurb for The Wishing Hill

What if everything you knew about your life was wrong?

Years ago, Juliet Clark gave up her life in California to follow the man she loved to Mexico and pursue her dream of being an artist. Now her marriage is over, and she’s alone, selling watercolors to tourists on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk.

When her brother asks her to come home to wintery New England and care for their ailing mother, a flamboyant actress with a storied past, Juliet goes reluctantly. She and her self-absorbed mother have always clashed. Plus, nobody back home knows about her divorce?or the fact that she’s pregnant and her ex-husband is not the father.

Juliet intends to get her mother back on her feet and return to Mexico fast, but nothing goes as planned. Instead she meets a man who makes her question every choice and reawakens her spirit, even as she is being drawn into a long-running feud between her mother and a reclusive neighbor. Little does she know that these relationships hold the key to shocking secrets about her family and herself that have been hiding in plain sight.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 2.50