The Tears of the Rose

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The Tears of the Rose

The Twelve Kingdoms, #2

This book is a series redeemer!

OK. For me book one was a train wreck. If you follow my site you will know what I'm talking about. The first half of the book oozes nothing but teen YA vibes, then you get to the other half and BOOM it’s all sex and turn around so I can do you moments. Which would have been fine IF we would have been warned in the beginning. So when I saw book two up for grabs I thought NO - NO WAY am I grabbing that. BUT then it kept staring at me! Telling me to grab it. You know what’s going to be in it this time. It should be OK. And well I am so glad that I did pick it up.

Where book one was a blunder this one was AMAZING! Readers get a sexy novel with twists, turns and intrigue. I am very happy that I got to read it. I love the White Monk and well just everything in this book. I will definitely be buying both of these books in the weeks to come. Stalking the the author for a bookplate wouldn't be out of the question.

This book was very on point and full of politics and their religion. I loved the sub-plots and it was very creative. I can't wait for more. And I just LOVE this cover!

Go Into This One Knowing

Read book one first, but be warned that these are ROMANCE books and not YA. This book is thrilling and wonderful. Love awaits the reader.

Book Blurb for The Tears of the Rose

Three sisters. Motherless daughters of the high king. The eldest is the warrior-woman heir;the middle child is shy and full of witchy intuition;and the youngest, Princess Amelia, she is as beautiful as the sun and just as generous.

Ami met her Prince Charming and went away to his castle on the stormy sea-cliffs—and that should have been her happily ever after. Instead, her husband lies dead and a war rages. Her middle sister has been taken into a demon land, turned into a stranger. The priests and her father are revealing secrets and telling lies. And a power is rising in Ami, too, a power she hardly recognizes, to wield her beauty as a weapon, and her charm as a tool to deceive…

Amelia has never had to be anything but good and sweet and kind and lovely. But the chess game for the Twelve Kingdoms has swept her up in it, and she must make a gambit of her own. Can the prettiest princess become a pawn—or a queen?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00