The Shattered Court

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The Shattered Court

A Novel of the Four Arts, #1

Ok so what can I say about The Shattered Court? I didn’t know I was going to love it so much! I love me a great story about witches. And well I've been trying to branch back out into the world of NA and Adult titles as I needed a short break from all the kids, middle school, and teen books I've been reading lately. This one was amazing! I loved all the new concepts on magic and how their society works. This isn't classified as a romance, but it does have one. And I have to say that it was done very tastefully and well. So it’s there but it doesn't take center stage. This one is all plot and characters. I loved Sophia to start out with. She was a pretty determined character. But, after she came into her powers she was unstoppable. I can't wait for book two to see what else her powers have in store for us.

The author did a wonderful job with world building as it’s done in a way where you won't be confused. But you get a lot of much needed information. And as easy as this is laid out I could see it turning into a wonderful show for TV like Outlander or Game of Thrones. It was just that good.

This is another one that I can't say too much about because it will give the story away. So if you love witches, a little romance, a lot of mystery/story, then this is definitely the read for you.

Go Into This One Knowing

Cliffhanger, EEEP!!!! DEMONS, PORTALS, and ROMANCE O MY!

Book Blurb for The Shattered Court

First in a new fantasy series from the author of the Novels of the Half-Light City.

Entangled in a court ruled by tradition and intrigue, a young witch must come to terms with newfound power and desire—and a choice between loyalty and survival.…

The royal witches of Anglion have bowed to tradition for centuries. If a woman of royal blood manifests powers, she is immediately bound by rites of marriage. She will serve her lord by practicing the tamer magics of the earth—ensuring good harvests and predicting the weather. Any magic more dangerous is forbidden.

Lady Sophia Kendall, thirty-second in line to the throne, is only days away from finding out if she will be blessed—or perhaps cursed—with magic. When a vicious attack by Anglion’s ancient enemies leaves the kingdom in chaos, Sophia is forced to flee the court. Her protector by happenstance is Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a member of the royal guard, raised all his life to be fiercely loyal to the Crown.

Then Sophia’s powers manifest stronger than she ever imagined they would, and Cameron and she are inextricably linked in the process. As a witch unbound by marriage rites, Sophia is not only a threat to the established order of her country, but is also a weapon for those who seek to destroy it. Faced with old secrets and new truths, she must decide if she will fight for her country or succumb to the delicious temptation of power.…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 5.00