The Secret Weapon

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The Secret Weapon

Leslie Burrows, #3

The Secret Weapon was another great young adult read. It is the third book in the Leslie Burrows series by Shannon Rouchelle. This is definitely one of those books that if you try and do an in-depth review you will end up giving away part of the book. So I’m going to keep this short and say I really think that fans of The Lord of the Rings books will love this series. Give it a try!

Book Blurb for The Secret Weapon

In the third installment of the Leslie Burrows series, we find the young girl facing the most harrowing adventure of all. With a deadly weapon in her procession, she must journey to a dangerous castle and put a stop to its evil force.

With Warc, king of the dwarves as a travel companion, they are put to the test. The two embark on a wild adventure in hopes of reaching the secret dungeon in time. Will the darkness of the dagger overpower and corrupt them? Only they can control their fate.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00