The Lost Compass

Fog Diver, #2

My twelve year old daughter took over the review for this book :).

It’s me again! Endy! I reviewed the first book in the Fog Diver series for my mom and now I’m reviewing book two, “The Lost Compass”. I picked this book up right after finishing book one and well I should have read something else first. Don't read these back to back. The author does that rehashing thing where we are told about the characters Chess and his Crew as well as a lot of what happened in book one. For me since I had just finished out book one this was kind of a drag. If I would have waited then it would have been nice to have that information.

After I got through all of that recap the story took off. This book has a lot of surprises for the reader especially after Chess dives into the fog! I didn't see it coming at all!!! Each character was still great and on point with book one.

“The Lost Compass” is even better than book one and I really hope we get some more to this series. This is a favorite series of mine now. This series is great for the higher middle grade and lower teen readers. You won't go wrong with this steampunk read.

Book Blurb for The Lost Compass

In the high-stakes sequel to The Fog Diver, a Texas Bluebonnet selection, thirteen-year-old Chess and his crew must stop the deadly and mysterious Fog from enveloping the city of Port Oro and destroying their world.

Chess and his crew—Hazel, Swedish, Loretta, and Bea—may have escaped the slums, but they cannot escape the Fog that threatens to swallow the entire mountaintop city of Port Oro. Only one thing can stop the Fog: an ancient machine known as the Compass. And only one person can find it: Chess. With the help of his crew, Chess faces dangerous encounters and deadly driftsharks to unearth the hidden instrument. It’s a race against time to save this sanctuary in the sky.

With adventure at every turn, peril behind every corner, and a few determined slumkids who must save the day, Joel Ross presents a fantastic world in this fast-paced follow-up to The Fog Diver.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00