The Hawkweed Prophecy

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The Hawkweed Prophecy

“The Hawkweed Prophecy” is a fairly interesting book about two little girls switched at birth by magic. This book focuses on the ideals of nature vs nurture and for the most part it was enjoyable. It was interesting watching both girls grow up. I liked the backstory most and almost wished that this would have been totally about that.

The romance in this book kind of make the story less enjoyable and I think it would have been a lot better if that wouldn't have been in it at all.

Each girl gave something to the story, but where Poppy was very outgoing Ember was very passive. Which both worked and didn't. The biggest issue on why this isn’t an “I love this Book” read is that I really didn't feel emotionally invested with the characters.

Still, I recommend this to the high middle grade, low young adult crowd.

Book Blurb for The Hawkweed Prophecy

Poppy Hooper and Ember Hawkweed couldn’t lead more different lives. Poppy is a troubled teen: moving from school to school, causing chaos wherever she goes, never making friends or lasting connections. Ember is a young witch, struggling to find a place within her coven and prove her worth. Both are outsiders: feeling like they don’t belong and seeking escape.

Poppy and Ember soon become friends, and secretly share knowledge of their two worlds. Little do they know that destiny has brought them together: an ancient prophecy, and a life-changing betrayal. Growing closer, they begin to understand why they’ve never belonged and the reason they are now forever connected to each other.

Switched at birth by the scheming witch Raven Hawkweed, Poppy and Ember must come to terms with their true identities and fight for their own place in the world. Enter Leo, a homeless boy with a painful past who ? befriending them both ? tests their love and loyalty. Can Poppy and Ember’s friendship survive? And can it withstand the dark forces that are gathering?

Age Range: 12 - 18 years / Grade Level: 6 - 12

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 3.50