The Fire Seekers

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The Fire Seekers

The Babel Trilogy, #1

This is one of those books that I really wonder how it got published. The book is very very slow. The characters go from being at deaths door to all of a sudden fighting. Things just didn’t make sense.

This book is classified as Science Fiction Young Adult and although I agree with that a little it so doesn’t cover this mess of a book. For half of the book our main character is out of the loop in his own story, so of course so are we. In a lot of books this works, but for The Fire Seekers it doesn’t. It makes for a very slow paced and confusing read.

Book Blurb for The Fire Seekers

Seventeen-year-old Daniel Caler's dad, Bill, is an atheist and a genius, and when he declares that the mysterious "Phaistos language" is really just evidence of an unknown civilization, he's accused of being a heretic - and worse. Bill's claim strikes at the heart of the world's newest - and most successful - religion, founded by his frighteningly charismatic ex-student, Julius Quinn. Quinn claims the Phaistos language is something far more powerful than anyone is willing to believe.

Daniel doesn't know what to believe, and he doesn't much care - until his mother dies in a creepy accident, an ancient warning is uncovered at the ruins of Babel, and people all over the world, from Bolivia to Japan, start disappearing.

When Daniel's dad vanishes while trying to uncover a Phaistos clue in Rome, Daniel and his friends know Quinn is behind it. As they rush to save him, they find themselves at the center of something bigger than Daniel's dad, bigger than Quinn, and possibly bigger than all of humanity. And if they don't stop Quinn, the world may be about to see the greatest cataclysm it has ever known.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 2.50