The Door in the Moon

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The Door in the Moon

Chronoptika, #3

Well covers. I’m not a fan of the new ones. I miss the old covers. :(

:) OK. Moving on. The Door in the Moon was beyond the most suspenseful of the three Chronoptika books. I stayed up until like 2am reading this thing, LOL, because who needs sleep.

This book has multi brushes with death for our characters. I really hope that we get more books in this series as I love all the characters. Which doesn't happen very often. But this series makes you care! Other fantasy writers need to read these and use them to their advantage. The Chronoptika books are Fantasy!!!

Don't read this book until you have read the other two or you will be so lost you will never find your way home.

I love the fact that the first book was set in winter, the second in spring, and now we came around to winter again. I am guessing the 4th book will be set in autumn. All of these also correlate to plays. The first being Hamlet, second being Macbeth, and now were around to A Midsummer Night's Dream. It’s just one more thing to make these books one of a kind.

Time travel comes to a head in this third installment. With more action, more time spent in the past, Fisher has brought us an amazing story with old friends and of course new ones. This book is for the lovers of this series and all lovers of fantasy.

This is a series that you will read again and again! These books have complex plots, full bodied characters, and well a few cliffhangers.

Go Into This One Knowing:

When you finish you will have something to look forward to. The Speed of Darkness, book 4, will be out next year.

Book Blurb for The Door in the Moon

This New York Times bestselling author once again shows us that she is a master of world-building and surprising plot-twists. The vast, intricate world, fascinating revelations, and unexpected turns in the final book of the Obsidian Mirror trilogy will appeal to readers of Cassandra Claire, and will satisfy existing fans fully.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00