The Da Vinci Code - The Young Adult Adaptation

I decided to read part of this book alongside its adult counterpart. And what I found was the adult version reads as a book two to “Angels and Demons”, The YA version reads as a book one. Other differences were we get a letter to the reader in the YA adaption, which we don't get in the adult version. Lastly I found that entire paragraphs to simple sentences were changed, added, or totally removed between the two books.

I enjoyed reading this as the YA adaption. I think for the most part it was easier to understand vs the adult version. It flowed much better as well.

I've loved the movies for a long time, so I was so excited to read this book. And I have to say that it was done very well. Young adults will read their way through this at the speed of light. Surrounded by interesting characters and a strong plot you won't be able to put down. During the quest the characters will learn about the power of symbols, history, and more. It was very hard to put this book down for the night. I stayed up far longer than I should have to finish it.

I really hope the publisher commissions the rest of the series for YA adaption. I'll be one of the first in line to pre order them!

Book Blurb for The Da Vinci Code - The Young Adult Adaptation

Dan Brown’s mega-bestseller is now available for a new generation of readers. This young adult adaptation takes readers from Paris to London on a breathless tour of famous landmarks and will remind fans everywhere why the New York Times calls The Da Vinci Code “blockbuster perfection.”

Includes over twenty color photos showing important locations and artwork, and publication timing connects to the film release of Inferno!

The greatest conspiracy of the past two thousand years is about to unravel.

Robert Langdon, professor of religious symbology at Harvard, is in Paris to give a lecture. At the reception that follows, he is scheduled to meet with a revered curator from the world-famous Louvre museum. But the curator never shows up, and later that night Langdon is awakened by authorities and told that the curator has been found dead. He is then taken to the Louvre—the scene of the crime—where he finds out that baffling clues have been left behind.

Thus begins a race against time, as Robert Langdon becomes a suspect and, with the help of French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, must decipher a mystifying trail of clues that the two come to realize have been left specifically for them. If Robert and Sophie cannot solve the puzzle in time, an ancient truth could be lost forever—and they themselves might end up as collateral damage.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00