The Changer's Key

A Riddle in Ruby, #2

Hi this is Endy here! I was so happy when I found out this book was on its way! I dived into it as soon as it came and I finished it in two days. “The Changer's Key” is even better than the first Riddle in Ruby title. This second book picked right up where the events of book one left off. This second book did not disappoint at all. I was absorbed as soon as I started and it stayed that way until the very last page.

In this book we learn so much about the characters from the first book. “The Changer's Key” will make you smile and cry. I loved this book so much and I can’t wait for book three. All the characters were well written and the author did an amazing job creating tough characters and challenges.

Compared to book one this book has a little slower pace. That worked out well for this story. Everyone should read this if they loved book one.

Book Blurb for The Changer's Key

The Riddle in Ruby trilogy takes readers on a rip-roaring adventure through an alternate version of colonial America, where magic and science meet, and where one young thief carries a secret everyone wants. In this second volume, Ruby Teach has become the enemy’s prisoner. She bargained with her freedom to protect her friends—but her friends aren’t about to abandon her, either. That’s not what friends do.

Ruby’s blood holds a secret, one that could turn the tides of the looming war for whomever unlocks it first. Ruby’s father, former pirate Captain Teach, and her friends—a motley crew made up of a young aristocrat, a servant, and an apprentice alchemist—must race against time to locate the hidden fortress where she’s being held. But the one person who could help them is Ruby’s mysterious and powerful mother, and no one has seen her since Ruby’s birth.

Kent Davis sweeps our heroes through cities and the deepest wilderness with imagination, humor, and magic that fans of Jonathan Stroud and Terry Pratchett will devour.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years / Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50