Teeny Tiny Toady

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Teeny Tiny Toady

As soon as my five year old saw this children’s book she grabbed it said AW and ran off. We've already read it five times today and I'm guessing this will be her go-to book for the next week. This is a very cute adorable book with some great pictures of this little toad who is just so freaking cute! I want a stuffed one!

Teeny Tiny Toady is a wonderfully fast paced book that works wonderful as a read-aloud for kids who can and can't read yet. It is a wonderful little story about strength and saving those you love. It’s a great book to get kids to get up and get working out to as the little toad brothers work out.

Book Blurb for Teeny Tiny Toady

When a giant hand scoops up her mama and puts her in a pail, a terrified tiny toad named Teeny hops faster than she ever did in her life. "Mama’s stuck inside a bucket! Help me get her out!” she begs her big, clumsy brothers. “Don’t you worry, kid. We’ll save her!” they promise, bumbling and stumbling and jumbling out the door. But as the boys rush headlong to the rescue, pushing their little sister aside, it becomes clear: brawn isn't always better than brains—and the smallest of the family may just be the smartest one of all.  Written in lilting verse, this teeny book packs in humor, emotion, and triumphant girl power.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 5.00