Spirits of Ash and Foam

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Spirits of Ash and Foam

A Rain of the Ghosts Novel, #2

Spirits of Ash and Foam is the second book in the A Rain of the Ghosts series. The first book, Rain of the Ghosts, was a quick read that kept me reading. I have been looking forward to Spirits of Ash and Foam since I ended book one. Yet, unfortunately, this book suffers from the yucky Second Book Syndrome. I'm sorry to say that the bad overtook the good.

So this one picks up where book one left off. Rain is still dealing with her new ability. I really hated Renee in this one. She is so full of revenge that she makes everyone else seem stupid. It’s like they can't tell that she is out for blood even though you can!! It was a really big put off by this. This made me wonder if the other characters were blind.

This book was very shot and I think that played a big part on why it didn't go over so well with me. With a story such as this I think that if the author would have slowed down a little and added more pages, around 100, it would have given the story so much more to work with. But the questions I had from book one were given to me within the first 15 pages of this book. So it’s like I didn't even really need to read the rest of it.

This one also has a ton of different plots going on all at once. And it seemed like none of them were finished by the end of the book. It was one of those books where you have 100 things going on and you know that there will be no end in sight. It would have been better if the author would have focused on one to two plots vs. this over abundance.

Another big chunk of the book was about some weird lady. Which really seemed out of place.

I have to say that in the end although I did finish this book.

Rain is supposed to be looking for the Zemi. In two books she’s only found two. I can't say that these books are keeping me interested and I’m not sure if I will be reading any more of them.

Book Blurb for Spirits of Ash and Foam

Welcome to the Prospero Keys (or as the locals call them: the Ghost Keys), the beautiful chain of tropical islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle where Rain Cacique lives. When Rain's maternal grandfather passed away, he left her his special armband: two gold snakes intertwined, clasping each other’s tails in their mouths. Rain soon discovers that the armband is actually a zemi – a very powerful talisman created by the island’s native Arawak Taino Indians – and that it allows Rain to see ghosts, including her own grandfather who is determined to help her uncover the Ghost Keys’ hidden world of mystery and mysticism, intrigue and adventure.

Now, Rain Cacique’s looking for a few answers — and the second zemi, a Taino relic that allows her to see dead people. But it’s the first week of school, so she’s pretty busy juggling teachers, homework, baby-sitting duties, new friends, missing tourist kids… and a vampire with a tribal twist.

Spirits of Ash and Foam is the second installment in Greg Weisman's Rain of the Ghosts series.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 2.50