Shattered Secrets

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Shattered Secrets

Book of Red #1

This book was beyond good. The only issue I had with it is the author attempted to cram a little too much into it. I think some people will find parts of it hard to understand. i.e., the parallel universes, etc. I have a background in it so I understood it just fine. But I think others might not. But I found it engaging and wonderful.

I have been a fan of the author since the 'Darkness Falls' series. And I love this one even more. This one has no insta-love nor a love triangle, which made me very happy! The characters really make the story! Abigail is a very strong lead and doesn't take anything lying down. Derick is a wonderful male lead and has feelings which most YA males do not. This book was full of both seriousness and humor as well as some steamy PG scenes. This story will make you laugh out loud, cry, and scream for more! It should not be missed!

Book Blurb for Shattered Secrets

After being kidnapped, hogtied, and stuffed in the trunk of a car, seventeen-year-old Abigail Nichols' boy problems seem unimportant.

She couldn't be more wrong.

The boy who saves her holds her heart. But Derick Crawford also holds secrets.

Magical beings who guide human emotions are fighting an invisible war dating back to the dawn of time, and Abigail's one of them. The more she learns of her heritage, the less she wants to know.

Armed with a very old, very massive book to teach them about their history, Abigail and Derick run away to a place where they think they can be safe and happy, only to have their troubles secretly hitch a ride.

Her history book is in a sharing mood, and it tells her to keep a secret of her own. But has she put her trust in the wrong place?

And will the world survive if she has?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00