Shades of Jamie Dornan

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Shades of Jamie Dornan

The Star of the Major Motion Picture Fifty Shades of Grey

Well what I thought this was going to be and what it ended up being were two very different things. It turned out to be a very short, very boring account of the life of Jamie Dornan. I think I fell asleep half way through it. It starts out with him being born (even gives a time line in the back) then goes on to leading up to him being cast for the 50 Shades movie.

I really love biographies, but this one is just meh. I really think that the only reason this was even published was because of the movie. If he wouldn't have gotten the role this bio book wouldn't even exist. So many people have put so much into this franchise, trying to make a buck wherever they can. And this book is just one more push to make an additional few bucks.

Shades of Jamie Dornan is an in-depth account on everything from past relationships, to unknown roles that he has had (other than 50 and Once Upon a Time). For the Once Upon a Time one I didn’t even know it was him lol. So in the end this is a take it or leave it title for me!

Go Into This One Knowing:

This is for the truly obsessed fan.

Book Blurb for Shades of Jamie Dornan

From film and TV critic Jo Berry comes the unauthorized biography of model-turned-actor Jamie Dornan, starring as Christian Grey in the wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey film!

Jamie Dornan is quickly becoming a megastar. The announcement of his lead role in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey caused a media frenzy and he has been hitting the headlines ever since. After English actor Charlie Hunnam stepped away from the role, Dornan was catapulted into the international spotlight. Previously a model for Calvin Klein alongside Kate Moss, he has appeared in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, has dated Keira Knightley, was cast as the sheriff in the hit fantasy TV drama Once Upon A Time, and followed it up with an acclaimed leading performance in the TV thriller The Fall. With details compiled from in-depth research into both his personal and professional life, this insightful book will reveal fifty shades of Jamie Dornan—a no-holds-barred biography of the man who everyone wants to know intimately.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00