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Recruits, #1

I really wanted to like “Recruits”. The premise was very interesting but the writing just didn't work for me. The teens are eighteen years old. So for me, I think this should have been written as a high young adult to even new adult, but the way the story is being told it sounds more like a very low middle-grade novel. Parts of it were very confusing and I had to go back and reread chapters to figure out what was going on. I really liked the idea of the story and the action starts right off with the book drawing you in. But with the way it was written it just didn't work for me.

Book Blurb for Recruits

For more than a decade, twins Sean and Dillon Kirrel have felt pulled toward another world--a place they have sketched out in detail and posted on the walls of their bedroom. They are certain it is out there. Soon after their seventeenth birthday, they are approached by a clandestine scout. To him, Earth is just a distant and unmonitored outpost of human civilization. But he explains that Sean and Dillon share a unique gift--the ability to transfer instantly from place to place. Transitors who are also twins are especially rare, and so they are offered an opportunity to prove themselves as recruits to the human assembly. If they don't succeed within thirty days, their minds will be wiped. Either they make the grade as inter-planetary travelers--or this never happened.

From the infinite imagination of Thomas Locke comes this otherworldly new series that will challenge young readers' understanding of time, space, and human limitations.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 2.50