Overexposed is a book I couldn't wait to read! I found out that the cover was made by the author! So surprised! Going into this book I wasn't sure what I was going to get. But I was surprised not only by the cover but by what lay within the pages! It is wonderful, great, and knock your socks off interesting! I finished this one in half a day as I couldn't stop reading it! The plot was wonderful and the characters and story were so real. Vi is such a great character with a love of photography. I instantly loved her. Her passion to get real shocking news on film just made her a great main character. For a standalone this book would also make a great series! I can’t wait to get this in print!

Book Blurb for Overexposed

In the tiny town of Willowspring, just about nothing ever happens except for layoffs, hockey games, and your average melodramatic teenage angst.

But that was before.

Vi, Ashley, and Macy are just trying to make it through the school year without one more humiliation when they team up for a simple photography assignment: create a story through a series of photographs. Can't be too much trouble, right?


The shutterbugs happen upon Willowspring High School's darkest secret. When everything around them starts to crumble after trying to do the right thing, their only hope is to stick together.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00