Of Sand and Malice Made

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Of Sand and Malice Made

Song of Shattered Sands: Book Two

When I saw “Of Sand and Malice Made” I just had to grab it! It looked right up my alley. Now I haven't read any of the series that this goes with. But that didn't loose me. This is a prequel to the series and it was so awesome! The mythology that the author worked with is out of this world! I wasn’t lost like I am in most adult fantasies either! So that was very nice! This book is also fairly short and you could finish it in about an hour or two.

For those who have read this series (I asked a friend) this gives you an in-depth look at who Ceda was when she was younger as she fights for her life. It gives the reader many more layers to the story at large.

One of my favorite parts of this book are the illustrations that are before each chapter. They will take your breath away!

Although this brings you a lot of information about Ceda, if you’re not a fan of Novellas you won't be missing too much if you choose not to read this. Me however, I will be diving in to find the others in this series. This novella made me want to read the entire series and I can't wait!

The author did wonderful blending Ceda with this world of demons and fantasy. I recommend this story to those who love fantasy and the series already!

Book Blurb for Of Sand and Malice Made

Çeda, the heroine of the novel Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, is the youngest pit fighter in the history of the great desert city of Sharakhai. In this prequel, she has already made her name in the arena as the fearsome, undefeated White Wolf; none but her closest friends and allies know her true identity.

But this all changes when she crosses the path of Rümayesh, an ehrekh, a sadistic creature forged long ago by the god of chaos. The ehrekh are usually desert dwellers, but this one lurks in the dark corners of Sharakhai, toying with and preying on humans. As Rümayesh works to unmask the White Wolf and claim Çeda for her own, Çeda's struggle becomes a battle for her very soul.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00