Love, Sex, and Awakening

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Love, Sex, and Awakening

An Erotic Journey from Tantra to Spiritual Ecstasy

“Love, Sex, and Awakening” by Margot Anand isn’t typically the type of book I read. But the author’s life is just so interesting. She was a debutant, the daughter of a countess. One of those girls in France that were groomed for castles, wealth, and to be waited on hand and foot. She would pretty much be a social princess of our time, lol. Or pretty close.

And although this book is mostly about her sexual awakening it was very interesting to learn about her life and her travels, well and just everything that's she's been though.

This book covers everything from the time she lost her virginity to her full awakening. It even gives information about sexual abuse.

“Love, Sex, and Awakening” gives the reader a good starting point if they are looking into becoming more aware of both their bodies and sexual awareness. I recommend this book to those who want to know more about this author’s history as well as for those who wish to open up more sexually.

Note: parts of this book did seem a little smutish, if you know that I mean. One chapter felt like it should have been in a B-Movie promo. But I think it was just the word usage the author used. If that bothers you, it's fairly easy to skip those parts.

Book Blurb for Love, Sex, and Awakening

Famed tantric practitioner and teacher Margot Anand has led a life of spiritual bliss and erotic ecstasy. This book recounts the fascinating adventures, turning points, and breakthroughs on her path from sex to awakening, and it includes techniques and exercises to help you connect to the powerful energy of the erotic spirit.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50