Lost Souls

Lost Souls is amazing! I had sworn off books about angels for some time now, but this one was wonderful and has made me fall in love with them again! I can't say too much just for the fact so much would be a spoiler, but this book has our main character waking up in the secret world of Angels and Demons. It is just breathtaking. Christa learns so much after her car accident and is better for it. I can't believe that this book has no reviews on Goodreads yet as it was a wonderful story with wonder characters! I can't wait for the next book!

Book Blurb for Lost Souls

As a hard partying senior at Sacred Heart High School, Christa Nichols was used to people telling her she was bad at making choices. But when a car accident awakens her to the secret world of Angels and Demons, she realizes for the first time the weight her decisions truly have. Now caught in the middle of a life-long rivalry between a classic-rock loving Guardian Angel and a Demonic club promoter, Christa won’t just need to use her wits to survive… she’ll need them to save her mother’s soul. Lost Souls takes you on a journey through a world where Guardian Angels masquerade as the homeless and business-savvy Demons trade souls like they're on the NYSE. Full of romance, horror, and food trucks; Lost Souls is fun at its most Divine.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00