Life is Beautiful

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Life is Beautiful

Photo-Finish Coloring Books

“Life is Beautiful” is a very inventive adult coloring book. The blending of real photos with being able to color around them makes for a fun time coloring. With the thick weight of the paper you can even try paint and markers. The pages are a very good size. They are perfect for a medium size square frame. Each photo is full of color and is so worth the cost. And at only $9.99 you can get this and the others in the series. There are hours of coloring, so color to your hearts content.

Book Blurb for Life is Beautiful

Tap into the natural beauty that is all around us as you finish coloring these mandala-adorned photos that feature dragonflies, peacocks, daisies, and more. Mandalas are known for their restorative power, and when you sit down to enhance these beautiful photos, you will tap into a wellspring of creative energy. Design your own color palette as you decorate each one. Perforated pages allow you to pull them out, share them as gifts, or keep them. Perfectly sized so you can take your coloring on-the-go.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00