How to Make Friends and Monsters

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How to Make Friends and Monsters

Howard Boward

I would not want to be this kid (Howard Boward) and I don’t understand why people name their kids the way they do. We have Apple and 4-Real I mean what is up with that? Poor Howard Boward is called How-lame and How-weird and it’s just not right! So when his mom gives him a book on how to make a friend, Howard decides to take it to the next level and creates one! This was a wonderful book for kids of all ages. And although Howard is in 7th grade, I recommend this one to grades 5 and up. (However my daughter will be going into 4th and loved it)

Book Blurb for How to Make Friends and Monsters

Some Friends Are Just Worth Making For Howard Boward, science genius, making friends in middle school is hard. The other kids have more fun creatively expanding Howard's name than actually hanging out, as in How-weird or How-Lame. . So, why not actually make a friend? A little wonder putty, some DNA, a few accidentally spilled chemicals and---boom!---instant friend. Monster friend, that is. Franklin ends up being cool in middle school, and he helps Howard climb the uber-popular ladder, becoming How-Cool. But the new fame and friendship isn't exactly everything Howard hoped. Turns out real friendship might not be so simple, even when you create your own friends from scratch.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00