Grunt Hero

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Grunt Hero

Task Force Ombra

“Grunt Hero” was so good! It has action and exciting moments. I just couldn't put it down. I was really getting scared as the end approached. So many things were happening I thought it was going to end on one massive cliffhanger. But the author did a wonderful job rounding it up and giving us an ending. “Grunt Hero” is full of plot twists you won't see coming and it was one awesome book.

I hope to see another book in this series as I want any and all loose threads to be tied up for me.

The characters were great. They were not at the front of this book. To begin with it was mostly the story that kept me reading. But the characters did give a great performance.

Book Blurb for Grunt Hero

It is a time for heroes, for killers, for Grunts.

In this thrilling conclusion to the breakout military SF series, we find Earth plagued with millions of miles of terraformed cities, black vines crushing concrete, revealing iron and steel. Those unable to escape the vines are empty vessels waiting to be filled, living storage for alien algorythmic thought. What else can happen? What more can be done? This has always been a time for for heroes, for Killers, for Grunts, but are they enough?

Benjamin Carter Mason will be asked to return to OMBRA to help them find these answers, and what he finds will send him over the edge. In the end, his efforts won't be about survival, they'll be about revenge, and his revenge will be served in a blaze.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00