Golden Boy

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Golden Boy

I sometimes see pictures on Facebook that ask me what book has changed your life. This will forever be my go to book to share. This book was just so life changing. This book WILL make you cry! So you have been warned. This book was an emotional ride. I kept wanting to skip ahead and read the ending. But, I fought myself as I didn't want to ruin it.

Although this book took me for a spin. It starts out very shockingly with a Rape. But, if you can get past that you will so love this book.

And don't let this cover fool you. You have to read this! I almost didn't grab it and then decided that I had to, haha. The subject matter in this book is very dark. The issues of being intersex is a hard one, but the author did a wonderful job of telling it like it is and being honest.

At times I felt like I wanted to jump into the book and just give Max a big hug and tell him that it would all be ok.

This is another book with multi POVs, but again this is one of the rare ones that it works out and brings so much more to the story.

Don’t let this one slip through your fingers!

Go Into This One Knowing

This book has gender issues, rape, and feels.

Book Blurb for Golden Boy

Max Walker is a golden boy. Attractive, intelligent, and athletic, he’s the perfect son, the perfect friend, and the perfect crush for the girls in his school. He’s even really nice to his little brother. Karen, Max’s mother, is determined to maintain the façade of effortless excellence she has constructed through the years, but now that the boys are getting older, she worries that the façade might soon begin to crumble. Adding to the tension, her husband Steve has chosen this moment to stand for election to Parliament. The spotlight of the media is about to encircle their lives.

The Walkers are hiding something, you see. Max is special. Max is different. Max is intersex. When an enigmatic childhood friend named Hunter steps out of his past and abuses his trust in the worst possible way, Max is forced to consider the nature of his well-kept secret. Why won’t his parents talk about it? What else are they hiding from Max about his condition and from each other? The deeper Max goes, the more questions emerge about where it all leaves him and what his future holds, especially now that he’s starting to fall head over heels for someone for the first time in his life. Will his friends accept him if he is no longer the Golden Boy? Will anyone ever want him—desire him—once they know? And the biggest one of all, the question he has to look inside himself to answer: Who is Max Walker, really?

Written by twenty-six-year-old rising star Abigail Tarttelin, Golden Boy is a novel you’ll read in one sitting but will never forget; at once a riveting tale of a family in crisis, a fascinating exploration of identity, and a coming-of-age story like no other.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00