Girls Like Me

This book is in the format of text messages and verse!!!

So the first thing I noticed when I opened this book was that it was written in verse, then it changes to text messaging down the line. There are a lot of broken lines and it just made the book hard to follow. I don't generally read books like this for this reason. But I fell in love with the cover and wanted to give it a try. Yes, this will be the last book I read in any kind of verse.

“Girls Like Me” just ended up not being for me. The story was very hard to get into via the writing style. It was very hard to follow. I had to go back and reread entire sections to see if someone was speaking out loud or if it was all in someone’s head.

Book Blurb for Girls Like Me

Fifteen-year-old Shay Summers is trying to cope with the death of her father, being overweight, and threats from a girl bully in school.  When she falls in love with Blake, a mysterious boy online, insecure Shay doesn't want to tell him who she is.   But with the help of her two best friends, as well as an assist by Kermit and Miss Piggy, ultimately Shay and Blake’s love prevails.

Girls Like Me is a fun and fresh poetic take on teen angst, social media and online anonymity, and high school romance.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 3.00